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Kéthly Anna u. 5
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Our company has been operating since 1984 in Szombathely , 10 kilometres from the western border of Hungary. It is our intention to provide support to our partners in solving problems related to packaging technologies and plastic processing through our experienced staff. The company has an extended network of market connections, 30—40 % of our goods are produced for expo to several renowned multinational companies.

We produce a wide array of trays, boxes, box inlays, covers, blister packaging in the size, shape, quantity and material our costumers request, with vacuumforming, deepdrawing and pressure forming technology.

We widen the scope of and continuously modernize our machinery which allows production of different complexity products ranging from a few pieces to whole production runs.

We carry out the complete metalworking of the production tools in our own milling workshop, ensuring that the right tool is made for each forming machine, lowering costs and lead times.

Our clients are mainly multinational companies, for whom price and reliability in lead times and quality is of highest importance. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

As to our prospect for the future , we pay special attention to product development and quality assurance. Our range of products is significantly renewed annually. The protection of the environment is a high priority. Our waste is processed and recycled by our partners into ground material, in addition, we prefer using environment friendly material and technologies.

A machine purchase tender in the year 2015 allowed our company to extend our range of products in 2016 with hole punched and EURO hole punched products with the new vacuum forming machine.

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