Logistics transport trays

Decades of experience in designing and manufacturing of industrial logistics transport trays. We are happy to help our customers develop the ideal design that is suitable for their tasks at hand. We can recommend solutions for all feature requests, whether they are stackability, electronic protection, as well as automatic handling of the trays with robots. Our logistics trays are dedicated to electronics-, automotive-, confectionery-, household-, chemical industry and healthcare applications. Our products are made from PS, ABS, PC, PET, PVC, PP and HDPE raw materials of 0,2-6 mm thickness.

Raw materials with different surface resistances are also produced in-house, and is part of standard service, so the production of such a product can be achieved with the same short lead time as other products. Since our products can be provided with ESD protection, which allows that products sensitive to electrostatic discharges transported in them are protected until the very end of the distribution chain or may be made of soft-surface material such as ABS/TPU, which is designed to ensure the scratch- and abrasion resistance of the product.

Trays manufactured by us may be as thin as 0,2 mm and may serve as inserts for cardboard boxes, or may be pallet-sized forklift movable 8 mm thick products.

Built-in components, coverings

We undertake the production of external and internal components of vehicles, machinery and other equipment (e.g. Prosit) and their coverings in both small and large series, up to a wall thickness of up to 6 mm. pl szimulátor fotó? Plastic products with a maximum enclosure size of 1.5 x 1.2 m can be vacuum-formed in our plant. We help our customers to technologize their products already in the design phase, so that the manufacturability of their product can achieve the most optimal and cost-effective niveau. Typically, we work with coextrudate made from impact-resistant PS or ABS materials, but are capable to work with either plexy, PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) or even recycled materials, according to the customer’s needs.

Blister packs

Our blister packs can be made from thinner materials by pressure forming according to the needs of our customers. Our special pressure forming machine also allows the production of self-sealing double sided blister packs with a short lead time and extreme accuracy. Typically, A-PET, G-PET material or PVC too.

May have the form of:
• plastic backside for welding, and also self-closing snap-on design
• plastic front in combination with paper: either fixed by welding, sliding on, or inserted between two sheets of paper cover.

ESD / conductive trays

Within the scope of logistics trays, products made from ESD conductive material are becoming an increasingly pronounced category. We also produce raw material in-house for these trays, so we can immediately produce sufficient thickness and quantity of raw material for the product at hand, thus providing a shorter lead time and better prices for our customers.

Food products, microwavable, freezer- and hot food delivery trays

Microwavable, freezer- and hot food delivery trays.
With a sealing mechanism of either:
• top part
• weldable with its own material
• weldable with aluminium foil

In accordance with the latest HACCP standards!


It is possible to combine the conventional material bottom with a universally applicable top-foil (especially in the case of smaller series) or a special tray with a welding layer and a matching cover foil.
It directly surrounds the food it contains.

Protective gas compatible trays:

Packaging method that offers the longest shelf-life for meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit, cheese, etc. products. In versatile combinations of substances according to expected shelf-life. Chlorine-free, coloured, transparent, metallised versions are also possible. The material of the cover foil is also matched to the material of the tray frame and to the shelf life.

Available in easy-open (non-destructive) design on request. The latest development is the resealable method, which can be either a welded, formed hard foil cover or a semisoft or soft flat film which can be peeled off and smoothed back.

We have a variety of standard products, but of course it is possible to develop and produce individual versions according to the needs of our customers.

Highshield bags

– Resealable pouch suitable for storing electronic components. Available in individual sizes and in large quantities to our customers. Available in unique material composition in case of appropriate quantity.