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Food-industrial trays

Regular products made of hard films:

Microwaveable and freezable trays and boxes.

Closing methods:


sealing with same type 

sealing with alufilm

Based on the latest HACCP regulations!


It is possible to use with regular lower part and an universal cover foil (especially in case of small production run) or a combination of a special lower tray supplied with a welding layer and a matching cover foil. It closely covers the food inside.

Modified atmosphere packaging:

Packaging that supplies the longest possible shelf-life for food products, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit, cheese etc. Can be ordered in different material combinations according to required shelf-life. Chloride-free, colored, clear, metallized versions available. Cover foil material is in accordance with bottom tray and shelf-life.

An easy-remove design is also available, and re-sealable packaging too. Either welded or thermoformed hard-film cover or removable-resealable half or soft foil.

As required we can supply a complex system, welding or protective gas flushing machine for modified atmosphere packaging and closing machine, top and bottom tray and foil system. Colored versions available. We organize trainings as well as offer counselling services too.

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